Client: Totem, Toronto, Canada

A playbook for contemporary brand publishing

A book to guide you through the complex landscape of modern brand publishing and help build sustainable, sensible workflows and staffing structures – free for you to download!

Over the years, Patrick’s team at Totem had learned a great deal about the current state of content marketing, as one of the pioneers and leaders of the practice in North America. We chose to bring that knowledge together in book form, not just as a creative team but also with solid research on the industry landscape from Marie-Eve Belanger’s research unit. 

Navigating the New Content Landscape, an all-team effort for which Patrick was editorial director, is full of templates, easy lessons, sharable wisdom and hard numbers, outlining what success in contemporary content has come to mean for brands. If you’re interested in how editorial teams are structured, how decisions get made, how approvals and compliance can be balanced with great creative and a solid audience development strategy, you’ll find good stuff in here, and we stand by most of it, even if the No Media approach is quite different to Totem’s.

As Patrick wrote in the intro:

What follows is both a survey and a toolkit—a roadmap of the landscape as plowed not by John Deere, but by the companies that we believe are best positioned to face the marketing turbulence of the years ahead. Our aim was to identify the common threads of strategy and practice. We look at staffing structures and audience development strategies alongside general approaches to content across platforms both known and unknown. We saw, as our own experience has taught us, that successful companies had to overcome not just creative hurdles but also organizational complexity and resistance. The successful practitioners appeared to understand the broader ramifications of content throughout their entire organization, and, vitally, how it helped them define and communicate their organizational purpose.

The production of this book was meant to be a knowledge-sharing exercise, not a knowledge-hoarding one, and so Totem chose to release it under a Creative Commons license. It’s from 2016, and two years is a long time in content world, so it’s a little out of date now — at No Media we’re working to release more up to date research and information along these lines. But in the meantime, here it is for you in epub and PDF format.