Chris Frey

Chris is a writer, editor, publisher, multimedia maker, and the Toronto correspondent for Monocle. He is the founding editor of three award-winning publications, including Hazlitt, the influential online magazine he created for Penguin Random House Canada, where he also served as the director of digital publishing. A seven-time National Magazine Award winner in categories including best video, web design, short feature, and magazine of the year, Chris’s writing has appeared in The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, Monocle, Kinfolk, Azure, ICON, Maisonneuve, Canadian Geographic, and The Alpine Review. In addition to writing and editing, he has produced documentaries for CBC Radio and Monocle 24; at the Toronto Standard and Hazlitt he co-created and produced the web-only series “Made in Toronto” and “Pagelicker”. Broken Atlas, his book of foreign reportage documenting the past ten years of globalization will be published by Random House Canada. @freydonia

Patrick Pittman

Patrick is a magazine obsessive caught in the space between print obsession and digital addiction. He has spent his career poking, prodding, pushing, telling stories, and building communities across platforms. He was most recently the creative and editorial director of Toronto content agency Totem, where he headed-up Folio and CMA award-winning projects with some of North America’s largest brands. He continues to consult regularly for creative agencies on content and creative strategy, and has worked with the New York Times’ T Brand Studio, BBC StoryWorks, and Vice‘s Virtue Worldwide. Long ago, he was the co-founder of Australian design and digital firm Papercut Media. He’s been editor of some iconic independent magazines — currently The Alpine Review, previously Dumbo Feather. He has been a correspondent for Monocle in Australia, the South Pacific, and Canada, and has worked with countless other magazines, online outlets, radio stations, and organizations around the world, from indies to the mainstream. His debut theatre work, Prompter, was staged in Melbourne in 2013. @patrick_pittman